Storyteller + Doodler + Human Pun Factory

Well, hey there. Thanks for stopping by. The Jolly Warrior is just that—persevering through life’s day-to-day craziness without letting yourself go crazy right along with it. At least most of the time. (Austin rush hour traffic and cookies with raisins—I’m looking at you.) These positively off/kilter greetings hopefully make you or someone you know smile, chuckle on the outside or laugh on the inside.

As for me, I’m Laura and have a (reluctantly) deep reservoir of seemingly useless information—but am convinced I will one day be rewarded greatly for it on a pop culture edition of Jeopardy!

I also have a habit of spontaneously (read: very un-rhythmically) dancing it out. And making really bad puns. Most of the time they’re cheesy, but occasionally I sneak a pretty Gouda one in there.